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Oroville Dam repair costs soar past $1 billion

Oroville Dam repair costs soar past $1 billion In total, the cost of getting the spillway repaired and upgraded has gone up by about $1 million every day since April 2017. The Federal Emergency Management Agency is supposed to pay for 75% of the repair costs, leaving the other 25% to agencies in the State Water Project. That would leave customers of water agencies such as the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, which serves the city of Los Angeles, on the hook for hundreds of millions of dollars. A Metropolitan Water District spokesman referred questions about those costs back to the state Department of Water Resources. The biggest cost of the spillway failure could be legal claims from affected residents and businesses that have been mounting against the Department of Water Resources, seeking billions of dollars in damages allegedly caused by the agency’s management of the dam and the near-catastrophe at the facility. After a series of powerful storms in February 2017 slammed the Feather River watershed, the lake behind the Oroville Dam filled up and forced operators to open the gates to the 3,000-foot-long spillway — sending down more water at freeway speeds than flows on average over Niagara Falls. The spillway began breaking apart when releases hit 55,000 cubic feet of water per second, a small fraction of its designed capacity. That triggered an evacuation of 188,000 residents who lived downstream. An independent investigation found that the 1960s-era spillway had numerous defects, such as thin concrete, poor anchors to the underlying rock and a weak rock base. It allowed the rushing water to lift the concrete sections and scour the underlying foundation.

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Brazilian right-wing presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro gestures after being stabbed in the stomach during a campaign rally in Juiz de Fora, Minas Gerais State, in southern Brazil, on September 6, 2018. He underwent surgery for injuries to his intestines and is expected to recover, hospital officials said. The controversial politician, who has outraged many in Brazil with racist and homophobic comments, has performed strongly in recent polls. Polls suggest he would get the most votes in next month's presidential elections if former President Lula da Silva fails in his attempt to overturn a ban on him standing. 'Brazil's Trump' enters presidential race Footage of the incident in the city of Juiz de Fora shows Mr Bolsonaro making a thumbs-up gesture and being held aloft by supporters when he is stabbed with what appears to be a knife. He then doubles over with pain and his supporters quickly lower him to the ground and bundle him into a car. After the attack, his son Flavio initially tweeted that the wound was "only superficial", but he gave a more sombre assessment two hours later. "Unfortunately it was more serious than we had expected," he wrote. "He lost a lot of blood, arrived at the hospital with a (blood) pressure of 10/3, almost dead. His condition now seems stabilised. Pray, please!" Hospital officials later said Mr Bolsonaro had suffered a "deep" and life-threatening stab wound in his intestines and was in a "serious but stable" condition. Image caption Military police released a picture of the man suspected of stabbing Mr Bolsonaro He was recuperating well in intensive care after two hours of surgery, they added, but would spend at least a week to 10 days in hospital.
Twentieth Century Fox pulls scene from 'The Predator' after director casts his friend, a registered sex offender 

1, 2014, Ramirez was seen jumping over walls toward the Mendozas’ backyard, the memo says. Trying to close in on the 24-year-old suspect, three deputies entered the front door of the Mendozas’ house, where some family members were gathered in the living room. Ramirez shot at a deputy in the backyard, according to the memo. Hearing the gunshots, the deputies inside the home ran outside. They soon realized Ramirez had climbed inside the house through a rear window. Deputies helped Mendoza’s son and two grandchildren evacuate out of the front door just before Ramirez fired again at deputies from inside the house, the memo says. Moments later, as Mendoza tried to step out of the home, a deputy shot him once in the forehead and once in the leg, the report says. The deputy, Anselmo Gonzalez, told investigators he mistook Mendoza for Ramirez and thought the figure in the door was rushing toward other deputies. He said he had seen other family members inside the house but didn’t remember seeing Mendoza, according to the memo. Mendoza’s son, Frank Mendoza Jr., insisted that Gonzalez saw his father and should have known he was inside the house.

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